About Us

Emmanuels Career Best Education Consultancy in Kottayam

Our History

Gone are the days when education revolved around attaining knowledge and scoring well for examinations. Today, it is all about the global experience! Academics is not a mere destination anymore. Rather, it is an enlightening journey that will equip an individual for a better and brighter tomorrow". This was the vision Mr. Raju Emmanuel had in mind when he established his dream and brainchild, Emmanuels Educational Consultancy in 2000.

At Emmanuels, we focus on guiding and assisting students who are interested to pursue their studies abroad by providing them with comprehensive service packages that are customized to suit each aspirant's interests, requirements and skills.

Our Vision

To create high quality academicians and professionals through value education and training that has global focus enriched by extensive interactions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best centre of excellence in educational consultancy for all the professional courses to suit the ever changing needs of the society.

Our Objectives

To facilitate students to know the learning opportunities of quality and relevance which help all to attain their educational and professional objectives.